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Of The Greatest Stones On Earth

This site is a tribute to the miners, artists and laborers who crafted The Greatest Stones On Earth.
Narrowing down the vast list of Archeological Sites was difficult, but necessary to get started.
This site will expand as time goes by, so stop by now and then to see what new stones I've found.
New !!! See new site at end of list. "Geoarcheology" a new comprehensive explanation of history.
And be sure to check out Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle FL. Ed erected all 11,000 tons himself!

Archeolog Links


British Isles Archeology

  1. Stonehenge
  2. Stonehenge
  3. Stonehenge Pictures
  4. London Middlesex Archeology Society
  5. Archeol. British Isles
  6. Manchester U. Archeol. Sites
  7. Croagh Patrick, Ireland's Holy Mt.
  8. Archeol. Of Ireland
  9. Intro. Irish Archeology
  10. Trowel, U. C. Dublin
  11. Queen's Univ. Belfast Archeol. Dept.
  12. Stones Of Ireland
  13. Newgrange Dome Ireland
  14. Newgrange Details
  15. Newgrange Construction
  16. Newgrange History
  17. Women's Archeological Heritage
  18. Stone Pages
  19. Norse Archeology
  20. Druim Dubh Lost Rings

Central America Archeology

  1. Mexico Pre-Columbian Directory
  2. Mundo Maya
  3. Maya Gallery
  4. Yucatan Peninsula
  5. Maya Res. Prog.
  6. Olmec
  7. Maya Civilization
  8. Mesoamerica
  9. Pre-Columbian Civilization
  10. Origins Of Mexico
  11. Yucatan
  12. Maya Astronomy
Machu Pichu

South America Archeology

  1. Machu Pichu
  2. Machu Pichu, Crown Jewel
  3. Virtual Inca Trails
  4. Ruins On The Inca Trail New!
  5. Incan Stonework
  6. Hidden City
  7. Incan Stones
  8. Cusco
  9. Photos of Martin Chambri
  10. High Times Photos
  11. Critique Of Erich von Daniken

Pacific Islands Archeology

  1. Lost Island City Of Nan Madol
  2. PARC Map Viewer
  3. Sokehs Rock
  4. Micronesia Zone
  5. Project Rly'eh, French Islands
  6. Archeology Of Stones
  7. Archeol. Sites of Easter Island
  8. Easter Isl. - Heritage Site Red List
  9. Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
  10. Lonely Planet Detours
  11. Stone Giants
  12. Stone Giants
  13. Lost Atolls Of S. Pac.
  14. Amer. Samoa

Other Archeology

  1. AA & ES Magazine
  2. Astro Archeology
  3. Mysterious Places
  4. Mysterious Places
  5. Soc. Prof. Archeologists
  6. Soc.Amer.Archeology
  7. Archeol. Links
  8. Yahoo Archeology
  9. Ancient Mysteries & Archeology
  10. Archeol. Connections
  11. Soc. for Amer.Archeology
  12. Inst. Of Archeology
  13. Archeology Online
  14. Search Archeology
  15. Archeo SciScape
  16. Archeol. General Links
  17. General Archeology
  18. Archeology Club
  19. Seven Wonders
  20. Int. Assoc. Egyptologists
  21. Enviro. & Nat. Res. Archeology

Be sure not to miss:
Ice Ages & Meditterranian Civilization.
Black Sea Flood Update

This page has a new comprehensive explanation of the origins of Meditterranian Civilization
based on recent discoveries and their profound implications for modern civilization.

Great Historical Utopias
Over a dozen more great sites.
Eire Links
A good place to start surfing the Emerald Isle.
Build your own life-sized Stonehenge!
Exicting Controversial Geology Pages

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