We propose to help develop and manage 
Wintec's Green Mall Project. 
But more than just manage,
we wish to implement their concepts and dreams
for a whole new type of commercial environmental
center, with emphasis on wind energy, environmental
products, exceptional location and market opportunities.
We wish to not only create an exceptional village
mall but create a world class showcase as an example
and inspiration for all, especially the many tourists
from all over the world.
To this end, we will methodically design, plan, permit,
develop and manage this project from start to finish,
as part of the Windtec Development Team, and also
help Windtec remain focused on its primary energy business
and expertise.
The project has most of the necessary ingredients for
success already: location, corp. management, financial
resources, community support, public support, utilities,
infrastruture, environment, enthusiam, and great market potential.
While the common terminology of "Eco-Village" connotes
a residential, communal or resort type development, the term herein
fits in the sense that it will be highly "green oriented" and
"village size" but with a only commercial retail and fun orientation.  
The location is ideal for a commercial development, and it also
has a long standing commercial Western Historical basis, 
including the Railroad Depot, Native Americans, Trucks, Welding,
Fuel, Cars & Motorcycles and the BLM etc. 
The trick wil be to merge with, highlight and bring into focus all the 
interrelationships with the past and present and create a new
age relationship with each other and the environment, with a select
series of carefully planned and organized village buildings and layouts.
Our First Proposal is for a name that characterizes and signifies 
the project's history and future. We quickly decided on one name
that fulfills these requirements best, GARNET SPRINGS. While we do not
propose a new town or actual separate village apart from Palm Springs
or Garnet, the historical name, this name combines the best of each
and will give local residents easy familiarity and distant tourists
a sense of location and style. A good name can mean a lot to success.
We are lucky to have the opportunity to have such a great name!
We searched place names and the internet and did not find a duplicate.
We have included in this proposal some of the info contained in a 
business plan but added a small website to present the outline in
a more graphical fashion once past these introductory pages. Thank
you for taking the time to go through this with us, and we hope
you find our proposal expands and develops your concepts and dreams 
into a buildable, exciting and prosperous project.

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