Emotional Emergency & Crisis Links

(-: You Are Not Alone Or Unloved :-)
Loving Help Is Just A Click Away, Please 'Doitnow', Ok?

  2. Suicidology Crisis Center In Your Area
  3. Befrienders, A Friend In Need...All Countries
  4. Canadian Intervention, Eng./Fr.
  5. UK Pink Practice Counseling
  6. Russian Befrienders

  7. Magic Stream, Nice Site & Links
  8. Yellow Ribbon Teen Suicide
  9. Teen Suicide Info & Links

    Gay & Transgendered:
  10. Gay Suicide News
  11. Gay Youth Suicide Project
  12. Jacob Orozco's Story
  13. Stuart McDonald's Excellent Links
  14. Gay Youth Suicide Links
  15. Talula's Story & Words of Advice on Self Mutilation

    Crisis Intervention, All Types:
  16. Dr. Koop's Crises Intervention, Suicide, Violence etc.
  17. Long Island Crisis Center, most types of crises, drug specialists
  18. Sexual Assault-Rape
  19. Crisis Referral Center by United Way, all types

    There's Lots More Help Available !!!:
  20. Suicide Links
  21. Yahoo Youth Suicide Organizations
  22. Yahoo Suicide Intervention Links

    Signs & Symptoms:
  23. What To Watch For, What To Do
  24. Mental Health Database

    The information on this page is not
    meant to replace professional care.
    Suicidal thoughts, threats, intentions and
    attempts are a life threatening emergency
    that should be dealt with the same urgency
    as a heart attack or other medical emergency.
    If the threat is there, help is needed.
    Please, just ask and you will recieve,
    real help, careing, friendship and love, ok?

    You may EMAIL me anytime,
    subject: HELP
    and you will recieve a reply asap.
    I have been-there done-this before.
    I made it through many Tours of my Hell.
    I have dragged friends back from their Blood and Hell.
    Others have also, and You Can Too !!!
    The darkness surrounding you and pain will pass.
    The sun will shine bright and warm your soul soon.

    In the mean time, please just relax, ok?
    Take a deep breath, and another one...:-) good :-)
    Please put down whatever you are holding, ok?
    Just let it go, step back away from it, and look, ok?
    Please be cool person and chill out, ok? I Love YOU.
    And I know others do also, let us help you a little, ok?
    Smell these ROSES just for you,
    and please visit Christy's ROCK GARDEN OF LOVE, it is so beautiful & loving,
    or take walk in verdant REDWOOD FORESTS with some cool friends,
    and say a LITTLE PRAYER TO YOUR SAINT for help,
    they will give you new strength and spirit.
    And May God Bless You

    WE LOVE YOU...