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    The techniques for growing dates are similarly in many places and provide for multi crop farming. In Oman the date palm shades other trees such as citrus or nuts and then the citrus provides shade for sweet potatoes, squash and lentils. The date palm is know as the tree of life and is probably the same tree of life mentioned in the Bible. The date palm is probably known as the tree of life, because nothing is wasted and for many years was the basis of life in the Middle East. The date palm produces the fruit to eat and from the fruit, seeds and the tree itself other products are derived. The leaves and the trunk are used for construction of homes and to fuel fires. The date palm is used to make hats, ropes, mats, tools, cattle feed, and even landfill. In many places dates are still picked by hand in some places machines are used to shake the trees and cause the date to fall. In most places dates are sold locally, but in the United States dates are sold throughout the country. Dates are very nutritious and have supported life in the Middle East. Generally grains are credited with giving rise to civilization, but it is almost certain that Western Civilization would not have evolved if it had not been for the date which was a very important food source and to the economies of ancient civilizations including Babylonia.
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    There are more than 200 species of Aloe Vera, but some are more nutritious and more effective medicinally than others and Aloe barbadensis is the species that is most beneficial.
    Today many ancient tales of the healing powers of Aloe Vera are factual, rather than fanciful, as modern medicine unlocks the secrets contained within the leaves.
  15. Aloe vera in Health and Disease
    Article by Steven Foster on Aloe vera skin-protecting properties : Aloe vera: Skin-soothing Cell-Protecting Properties. Research Paper on the Use of Aloe vera in Dentistry : Aloe vera: Its Potential Use in Wound Healing . . . . Brief Review of Aloe vera History by the IASC : The Complete Story of Aloe vera.
  16. Two Year Study of A. barbadensis High in mucilaginous polysacchariodes, Aloe vera extract supplement helps normalize and boost immune functions, improves digestive problems and has direct viricidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal properties.
  17. The Story of Aloe vera During the 50's the first production of modern Aloe vera cosmetics started in Aruba,
    and Aloe is now used in every part of the world, particularly in USA skin care products.
  18. Aloecorp: The Business
    Aloecorp's new 57,000 square foot facility in Harlingen, Texas is the high-tech showcase of the Aloe vera industry ... Nature and technology work hand in hand at Aloecorp. Retaining nature's purity with ground-breaking research and advanced technology is what makes Aloecorp the world's largest and best source of Aloe vera products. Establishment of laboratory operations, development and quality control & training for laboratory and manufacturing.
  19. Dr. Aloes
    Dr. Aloes does not use any harmful chemicals, additives, nor do we distill, heat or pasteurize, add sweeteners, use carbon filters or aloe concentrates in our unique processing methods.
  20. Terry Labs, Inc., Products
    Terra-Spray Spray Dried Aloe vera. Terra-Spray Spray Dried Aloe vera. Aloe Oil Extracts, Aloe vera Extract CG, Aloe vera Extract Reg., Whole Leaf Concentrates, Aloe vera Whole Leaf Gel, Aloe vera Whole Leaf Powder, Aloe vera Powders, Terra-Pure Non-Preserved Spray Dried Aloe vera Powder.
  21. Aloe Mate - All Natural, Premium Aloe Products
    Tres Jays' Aloe Mate Collection - 100% Natural Aloe Products The Aloe Mate Collection Tres Jays has developed a collection of pure Aloe products called Aloe Mate . Aloe Mate - 100% All Natural Aloe Products Moisture Mist Relief Gel Lip Balm, Bath Salts.
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Peter van der Puyl's Aloe Picture Pages:
Namibian Aloes Book: Damaraland Flora: Spitzkoppe, Brandberg, Twijfelfontein,
P. Craven and Christine Marais, Gamsberg Macmillan Pub. Ltd., Windhoek, Namibia, Africa.
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