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This page is about journeys into the depths of the rainforest in search of its
deepest, darkest and mysterious secrets.
Its not only a search for the deepest and darkest secrets of the rainforest,
but also for the most mysterious secrets of the human mind, body and soul.
The story begins in 1492 when Columbus discovered the Carribean Islands,
the mysterious Carib Tribes, their strange plants and sacred rituals.
The Caribs thought they had outsmarted Columbus
by giving him all their plants except the most secret and sacred ones.
Ironically, if they had given him the sacred plants
he would have never made it back to Spain.
When he returned, the genocide of the Caribs began.
They fought bravely and never revealed the secrets of the rainforest.
The secrets died with them and were lost for 500 years!
Now five hundred years later, the secrets of these lost tribes,
and the other tribes of the rainforests of Central and South America,
are being rediscovered and explored in depth.
But Beware!
Many who have ventured in search of these treasures have never returned physically.
Many who have ventured in search of these treasures have never returned mentally.
In fact, a curse may have been put on Europeans for their transgressions.
The sacred plants, including tobacco and coca, have caused
great suffering and horrible death to those who have misused and abused them.
An even greater and final cursed fate awaits civilization
when the remaining sacred plants are abused by hedonistic amoral consumers.
The Tobacco will destroy their lungs, the Coca their hearts and DMT their minds!
The genocide of the New World Tribes will then be finally avenged
when European Civilization collapses and becomes as lost as the Mayans.
The Mayans predicted the end would come in 2012... hmmm... just 12 years left!
Their are just a few years left to discover the rainforest's secrets,
our true relationship with nature and God,
and turn the situation around to reveal a new wondrous, liberated and spiritual
Sorry, I am unable to deliver the answers to these mysteries yet.
This page is still under construction because
the info, graphics, pictures and references are so difficult to present.
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This page has been a long time coming, but it will be worth the wait.
As Indiana Jones said, "Trust Me"