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Rainforest Love

A Tail of Metamorphosis

This story is not suitable for children at bedtime, Adults Only, please
And whatever you do don't click those green guys!!!

It all came back to me when she simply asked the right question.
She asked for it in a recent e-mail, a normal kinky kind of sexy request.
I flashed back to an adventure I had once in one of the deepest rainforests
in search of the answers to ancient mysteries.
An adventure so strange, it was one of the ultimate Rainforest Experiences.
Secrets I was not prepared to know, and am now especially reluctant to share with others.
If you have read any of TERRENCE MCKENNA'S STUFF you will know about strange RF trips.
If not, then start over and read Terry's stuff already!
I tried to forget this secret memory, it should remain undiscovered, but what the fk.
She asked for it, and you asked for it also, so back by popular demand...

Send me your best wet jungle fantasy
The vines, darlin', the vines. Tie me up with the vines!
Lady of Lust,

Ok Annie, you have really asked for it now!!!
My best wet jungle fantasy is more than most can handle.
It will make you so fkin' wet, so fkin' wildeyed
you won't ever sleep at night again!!! :-)
Warning, do not read this if you are sqeemish!!! :-)
Don't say later I didn't warn you, cause I love you,
and didn't mean to completely blow you away,

Rainforest Love

While deep in the rainforest one evening, it began to rain, but not any normal tropical rain, nor even a 'cane. It began to rain cute little frogs! Just one here and one there at first, Then it got worse, I mean millions of little frogs! They were falling out of the canopy everywhere. You couldn't take cover and you couldn't run. It was incredible. I couldn't believe it. At first it was weird, and I didn't realize just how scary it was to become...

I thought it would stop and I could leave. No way & No way out.As the forest floor became covered with them and I grew weaker, I realized my problem, but not yet my fate, not even close...I became weaker by the hour and finally I knew I was not going to make it. I was going to have to sit down. No way, but No Choice.

I finally sat down in exhaustion, the beginning of the end. Yucky to the max. It was so disgusting to be immersed in little chirping, writhing green things. So slimy, so many millions of them all over me, and more kept falling. Deeper and deeper. I was covered with them. It was overwhelming me. I began to struggle to escape. Big mistake. They started to secrete even more slime and I fell again and again. I was now swimming in slippery slime. I could hardly breathe. Little did I realize this was just the beginning of my adventure. An adventure into the deepest secrets of the rainforest, the deep dark mysteries millions of years old. I didn't realize the danger of the situation and especially of the slime.

It was too late, it had penetrated my skin and the ancient toxins were seeping deeper and deeper into my tissues. I was rapidly overcome by them. My heart pounded, my mind raced off, face contorted, my eyes poped out, my head exploded, my mouth drooled and my soul was sent back in time to the early Triassic or somewhere way f'kin' back.

I fell deeper and deeper into the frogs and was melting down in the toxin. I couldn't hang on to my mammalian mind for long, it was taken over by the amphibian neurotoxins & epibatidine. I was lost in fear and terror unlike any ever described. I was now convulsing and paralyzed by the toxins as well. As I writhed it only made them excrete more and more toxic slime.

I surrendered to the poison and accepted my death. But, such was not to be. It was a fate far worse. I was melting down into the slime slowly, my body now completely immersed. My body was melting or something... My mind had already melted like a million doses of Owsley spilled in a 60's Berkeley lab. I was disolving, no transforming, no... I was Metamorphosing! I screamed my last breath as a human, as a mammal, as anything recognizable. "No f'in waaaay!!!"

Way! My body was shrinking, it was changing, into something beyond belief. My mind was also changing, becoming one with the rainforest, one with the frogs, one with amphibian consciousness! As I began to let go of the last normal senses, I began to gain a whole new awareness of my situation. I was loosing it completely, yet recieving all new wild sensory imput.

I began to see clearer than ever before, to feel the moisture as never before on my skin, so wet and cool and inviting. I began to feel a new pulse, fast, exciting, wild, so very very wild. A wildness I never knew existed. A whole new life force flowing through my veins. Instead of dead, I felt so incredible, so very very intensely alive. I felt so new, so different, as I ran my fingers down my sides I felt a whole new youthful body, so sleek, so slim, so smooth, so silky, so slippery and so very very sexy!

I felt like a new man, like I wanted to have sex so bad, so intensely, so horny, it consummed me now. I wanted a female so bad I could taste her. It was making me totally crazy. I never lusted so before, so urgently, so totally uncontrollably wild.

I then heard someone coming, and I knew that help was near, I was going to be alright and live through this. I turned and saw them in the moonlight. I reached out for them. It was the zoological students from the Univ.! "Wow, I made it, I made it." "The 'Rain' is over, and I'll be alright back at the Univ." They saw me and rushed to my rescue. "Thank God, what a night, what a bad dream." They picked me up from the slime and took me home. I immediately fell in love with this one foxy zoogirl. She helped me and handled me so gently.
I knew I was in good hands, and would soon be safe.

Back at the Univ. she took real good care of me and I quickly recovered.
I really fell harder in love with her as she nursed me and fed me a special nutritional broth.

I tried to tell her how I felt, that I was feeling much better by the minute, that I was also falling deeper in love with her, but I still couldn't communicate yet. I wanted to just hug and kiss her and tell her all about what had happened, but there was still something wrong with my voice, laryngitis I guess. I could see her above me but she didn't say much, just reassuring smiles and warm food.

I finally recovered my voice and told her how I relly felt. She smiled and turned on a tape recorder to tape my story.
She then played it back for her girl friends, they smiled and giggled.
(Giggled???) "What's so funny???" I asked.
They just taped some more and then left.
"Hey! comeback". I yelled with all my might.
I yelled for them all night.

Next day I slept in and then the next evening awoke to find them all around me.
Yea, I was ok now, and in good hands.
Hey, what are they doing, they are lifting me up.
Ok, warm smooth hands, firmly in control and bringing me closer to them.
So close, like face to face, and smiling strange smiles.
(Hey, they want to kiss me too! Cool,) then I heard one say,
"Me first, I rescued him!"
"Ok" said the other, "but I get seconds..."
Oh boy, this bad dream was coming to an end for sure.
Then she kissed me hard and I started to melt in her hands and kiss her back.
I never kissed a girl so hard, nor did I ever have such a dramatic effect.
She passed right out! (Cool, what a stud, I thought.) Then the others had their way with me.
Same thing, wow, what a thrill to thrill so many grrls! I felt drained and tired, I also passed out.

When I woke up they were also coming round, and they asked me,
"Who are you?", and "What am I doing in their lab?" I said, "I am the guy you rescued in the forest the other night."
They said, "What guy?" "We didn't see anyone out there."
I said, "Yea, don't you remember?"
They said, "No way"...
"Way", I said, "You saved my life! Thank you so very much."
They looked even more upset. "What did you do with our specimen???", they yelled.
"What specimen?", I asked. "The new species of frog we found in the forest, jerk."
I asked, "Did you touch it or get any of its slime on your mucus membranes?"
They said, "Yes, we kissed it to see if we could get high!"
"...and then we musta blacked out for a while."
(Well, I'll be damned, they will never believe me now, and never kiss me ever again!)
"I'm really sorry for letting your specimen out,"..."but maybe we could go searching for more this weekend???"
They said, "Well ok, but you really owe us one."
(Little did they know how much I owed them!!!)

But I was determined to make it up to them, really,
and let them know the truth once we were better friends, closer friends,
I knew they would appreciate this adventure 'cause they were really into zoology',
... it was only just going to take a little time together in the rainforest late at night...
real deep into the rainforest, too deep to get back before it "Rained",
to discover the secrets of the Rainforest together,
especially the secrets of its most ancient mystery...
Rainforest Love!!!

My heart raced as I thought about really getting wet and wild with these foxy zoogirls,
making love more passionately and hotter than anyone had ever before,
tasting each other deeper and lusting beyond human lust,
pulsating beyond human rhythym and all becoming one with each other,
consummed forever in the Rainforest's Love,
coming, coming and coming
till we all screamed all night long with orgasmic pleasure...

Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit...8-}
Love on the Lagoon!!!!


Some Cool Red-Green Tree Frog Pictures, Dendrobates ganuliferus, 2cm.
Photographed In The Corcovado Lowlands Of Costa Rica By
Carol & David Hughes For National Geographic, Jan. 1983.
Tree Frog Mating Tree Frogs Tree Frog Toes
And A Cluster of Golden Toads, Bufo periglenes, 4.5cm.,
From Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica.
Note: These Toads Are Protected Instead By Bufo Toxin,
And By Mimicking The Colors Of The Tree Frogs !
Golden Toads
That's Me In The Upper Right Watching Over My Girlfriends ! ;-)

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