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This page presents plans for the proposed Whitewater River, CA,
Riparian EcoEngineering, Restoration and Landscaping Project.
Restoration of meanders into "straightened" rivers greatly improves all riparian parameters,
especially water flow rates, flood control, erosion rates, vegetation and recreational values.
This project is an attempt to create a complex habitat in an extremely
arid environment that is plagued by dust and neglected by civil and private developers.
Tremendous development has occured along the river and very little has been
done to improve the riparian habitat, vegetation, water fluctuations, or recreational
potential in one of the world's greatest artificial recreational areas.
This great river is treated like just another dusty flash-flood ditch. The water,
engineering and financial resources are available to completely transform this river
into a spectacular world class Riparian Ecosystem and Park.

There are also many links listed to give you access to this science. See below.

Parameters of Stream Rehabilitation,

  1. Length, Width and Sinuosity
  2. Streambed Materials
  3. Original Stream Gradient
  4. Original Pool/Riffle Ratio
  5. Eliminating Fish Barriers & Improving Fish Areas
  6. Original and New Aquatic Habitat Diversity
  7. Erosion Control, Bank Stabilization, Stream Side Vegetation
  8. Original Land Water Interface, Headwaters, Tributaries and Deltas

Whitewater River, Riverside Co. California

Whitewater River Plans

Whitewater River Section


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