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TABY SKEPPSTA Type 70 2,2KW Oilseed Press, 50kg/hr

Extraction of Cannabis has a long and varied history. Extracts from Teas to Hashish, from Ghee Butters to cold pressed Seed Oils, all have attempted to capture the essences of this ancient multipurpose crop. This page presents some of the basic techniques and some of the latest approaches.

As with most other grains, crops and herbs, Cannabis has been extracted for medicines, vegetable oils, vitamins and fragrances. With each attempt at purification new insights into the many ingredients has become clearer. Unique plant chemicals, common plant chemicals, plant foods, vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc have all been separated, purified and even synthesized.

With the current renewed intense interest in the Medicinal Uses of Cannabis, could we be missing the original life giving aspects of this vital plant? Could it be that it was simply meant to be ingested whole when lush green, flowering and then mature-seeded? Could the full medicinal and nutritional values be delivered as fresh food rather than as medicines or separated oils?

While the extraction to produce hashish, or bubblehash tricomes, or alcohol/ether tinctures, butane honey oils, boiled seed oils, cold pressed seed oils all produce great products with special uses, could we be missing out on the total potential this way? The Vacuum Distilled THC's and Synthetic Cannabinoids may be even more potent and pure, and are important to study of the science, chemistry and biology, but, as we have seen with Marinol THC, they fall short as medicines and elixirs.

It now seems possible to do whole ripe seeded Marijuana cold pressings to produce a nutritious extract which contains the whole spectrum of ingredients without having to chew and digest large amounts of coarse fiber and seed hulls. While fiber is ok, the tops of grains are difficult to eat for humans, although grazing animals and birds have little problem. The male flowers meanwhile provide rich nectar for bees and honey.

So, its time to design some new experiments using whole cold pressed ripe seeded Marijuana to see just how effective it is nutritionally and medicinally. It is very likely that this technique could produce an incredible life giving product.

This "Virgin" oil would not be smokable, as is fine hashish or pot, nor just for vegetable oil cooking uses, but it could fulfill the broad range of nutritional and medicinal needs of humans. This oily green mush may not be all that delicious, but it would certainly be usable in all sorts of fresh meals, perserving all its delicate essences, enzymes and potency. It could also have extensive potential in Transdermal preparations. See related Emu Oil Link below.

During the pressing, the Hemp Seed Oils would be expressed out of the hulls and then they would extract the fat soluble Cannabinoids on the bracts and leaves, then extract the Fat Soluble Vitamins and other nutrients inside the cells, while leaving mostly fibers and hulls behind. The spent cake is then useful as livestock feed.

It may be necessary to add a little extra hemp seed oil to the screw press to improve the yields of fat solubles, and prehaps a little water to assist in extraction of water soluble ingredients and vitamins, depending on the original moisture and oil content. With testing, an optimised result should not be that hard to achieve.

Don't Just Keep Cool,
Keep Refrigerated! ;-)

This whole plant top extraction could be applied to most all other crops and herbs. Has our whole ancient agricultural evolution may simply be headed in the wrong direction, towards more disasters as milled rice/beri-beri, bleached white flour breads without the vital germ, stripped out vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils and so on?

Yes, there were many reasons for all this historically, and we have had to learn these lessons the very hardest of ways, but we have now come full circle. The great inventions of cooking, baking bread, storing and milling grain, shipping, processing, packaging, marketing, cities and so on, all have their good and bad features, but the bad aspects have become an expanding disaster: ecological to nutritional to political, and expecially our spiritual exile from the Garden of Eden.

All we need to do is grow fresh healthy crops and eat them as the Creator intended, and to use our technology to create concentrated healthy nutrition that can overcome most of the current epidemics and starvation now ravaging the world. We need to reunite with the land and plants and get back to the Garden of Eden, with fresh crops, vegetables and fruits.

We already have seen the value of fresh juiced fruits and veggies, so why not cold pressed fresh whole grains, now that we have excellent new presses that can do a great job easily? Do we really need a hundred little pill bottles of purified vitamins, proteins and minerals, to replace what we have destroyed in our food harvestings and processings, when all we have to do is eat fresh whole extracts to achieve maximum health?

"The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want. He Maketh Me To Graze In Green Pastures".

Breaking News! June 5, 2002

Aphios Super Fluid CO2 Cannabis Extraction Approved!
Superfluid CO2 Extraction Details
Patent Details
While CO2 Extracts Are Vital For Medical Marijuana Research,
They May Also Become Popular For Recreational Use,
Perhaps Even Finer Tuned Than Butane Honey Oils For Smoking.
We Still Feel The Whole Cold Pressed Virgin Oils Process
Can Deliver Medical Effects Superior To Fractionated Oils.
Cold Pressed Oils Are Definately Superior Nutritionally.
Each Type Of Extract Has It Purposes, Benefits & Drawbacks,
So Folks, Especially Doctors, Should Learn More About All Of Them.
SFE Equipment is available at Super Critical Fluid Technologies for research purposes.

The Next Step...Nanoparticles?
SFE Extracts could be depressurized to make Nanoparticles...


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