Cannabis Pharmacology Or Toxicology?
Healing The Planet Or Poisoning The Planet?
A Key To Understanding Of Cannabis & Mankind

Draft For Review June 20, 2002

Pharmacology is the study of the actions and uses of therapeutic agents in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases. Toxicology is the study of the poisonous or harmful effects of drugs and chemical agents. Since Cannabis research has been almost entirely from the "Toxicology" persective for decades, Pharmacologic research has lagged far far behind. Since Cannabinoids have such very low Toxicity, this whole approach to understanding Cannabinoids may have completely missed the boat. The extreme Anti-Cannabis bias of decades of research has been spun mostly for propaganda purposes and entirely stripped of any mention of potential benefits.

Virtually all research has focused on finding negative effects, often only barely detectable even in extreme doses, while its extremely low toxcity and complete absense of mortality throughout the Millenia has been completley disreguarded. This disgraceful distortion and corruption of Medical Science for the purposes of the Drug War and more specifically for the purposes of numerous Special Corporate Interests, including but not limited to, The Pharma Cartels, Alcohol, Tobacco & Petrochem Cartels, Agri Cartels, Hemp Competitors, Wood & Cotton Industry and on down a long list of the World's most powerful Corporations, is a Crime Against Humanity of Unparrelled Proportions.

The Time is NOW for a SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION based on the rapid advances in Cannabis Pharmacology. The very long list of Anecdotal Therapeutic Applications is being rapidly backed up by modern Pharmacology. The discovery of the Cannabinoid Receptors and the extent of their distribution in dozens of key nervous system, immunity and metabolic functions is rapidly advancing. The list of Therapeutic Applications is also growing quite long indeed, and with the courageous breakthroughs by the Medical Marijuana Movement providing even more positive anecdotal evidence and new uses, the tide is turning against the corrupt Prohibitionists and a new age of Medicine, Health and Liberty is dawning. The Re-unification of 'Sister' Cannabis with the other life sustaining nutritious Agricultural and Herbal Botanical 'Brothers' is long overdue.

The magnitude of this Cannabis Revolution is huge, with still over 150 Million estimated regular users of Cannabis worldwide, even after many Decades of Draconian Attempts at Extermination, Genocide and Extinction beyond description, certainly far beyond all previous attempts at Ethnic Cleansing, Purging, Inquisition, Imprisonment, Slavery and Genocide in history.

Cannabis and Mankind are inseparable, an ancient symbiosis deeply rooted in Archeology, History, Anthropology, Agriculture and Cultures worldwide. It cannot be erased, just as Man cannot be enslaved forever. The heavily damaged Planet will be turned green and populated by Cannabis, Health, Freedom and Fun Loving Peoples, inspired by the Constitution & Human Rights, the Founding Father's Love of Liberty and numerous World Leader's Faith in Mankind's Destiny of Overcoming All Oppressions. We Shall Overcome!

The corrupt Special Interests have two choices: Either Fight An Endless War Against The Masses To The Death, in a downward spiral of hate, violence, poverty, economic & environmental collapse and dispair, or Get With The Peace & Pot Prosperity Program! This Evil War on Cannabis Must End Now! Once this is accomplished, the Wars against the real evils will rapidly conclude, as a cascade of Billions will flood to the Winning Coalition of Liberty, Peace and Prosperity. Mankind can then begin to live in Truth, Justice and Harmony.

We will then unite in the Global rebuilding of the war torn land mined decimated starving diseased Populations and the restoration of the ravaged depleated desertified eroded species-endangered polluted contaminated nuclear threatened Planet. Uniting All Faiths, Rekindling All Hopes and Inspiring Tremendous Courageous Humanitarian Acts of Kindness, Charity, Compassion and Love Worldwide!
Free At Last, Great Spirit Almighty, Free At Last!

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