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The purpose of the following pages are to help bring about a peaceful scientific end to the global catastrophy of Cannabis Prohibition. Marijuana is the most nutritious crop known to man. It is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and most other nutrients. The smoking of the seeds is not recommended and avoided by most. These rich vegetable oils should be eaten for best health effect. Hemp seed is quite nutritious in its own right, rich in essential proteins, omega fatty acids and Vitamin E & K etc. Even though clean seed contains little if any THC, seeds were also used for many medical purposes related to its rich nutritional content. Bon Apetite !

Of course, smoking of clean seed-free buds for medical purposes has now been shown to be of significant value in the treatment of numerous diseases and conditions, many of which have no other remedy. This delivery system is remarkably effective and titratable by the smoker, with minimum of side effects.
Eating of Marijuana is also practiced worldwide with many great recipies including the famous brownies,
(God Bless the MJ Brownie Mary Rathbun of SF for her wonderful compassion to all, may she rest in Peace.)
For those who need even greater purity, vaporizers are a valid option.
Medical Marijuana legislation is gaining proponents rapidly. The rescheduling worldwide is certainly long overdue. But should it stop there? Certainly the persecution of the billions of the poor, sick, dying should end immediately! Here Are The Five Conditions For Peace

Care should be taken to avoid contamination by hair and synthetic fibers, which can produce toxic fumes when smoked. Pet hair and carpeting are very common contaminants. The practice of mixing amd smoking marijuana with tobacco, cocaine or PCP should be very strongly discouraged.

But, isn't the real issue simply one of personal freedom to grow crops and consume them as a person sees fit? Don't we have a inalieanable right to the foods and medicines that God gave us all to share in love and peace? We know we don't need a doctor or gov't agent to tell us how to live peaceably on this planet. Wouldn't it really be quite simpler without them in this particular matter? Beware, the small group of conspirators oppressing this planet still rule by force, intimidation, violence, brainwash and their evil tobacco, alcohol, bunk pills & bad street drugs.

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