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Medical Marijuana has been proven to relieve suffering from over 100 diseases, and has been proven very effective in helping HIV/AIDS patients survive for 20 years. California pioneered Medical Marijuana with Proposition 215 over 10 years ago and now almost a dozen States have similar laws. Numerous countries have also decriminalized, even Russia. Not only Medical Marijuana but also common Cannabis Hemp has become a major crop again. This is an overview of the advances in Cannabis Medicine & Agriculture and links to more information.


Medical Marijuana can be grown outdoors or indoors. It is most often grown indoors due to continuing Federal laws, but more so because a high quality pure product is easier to achieve year round for the handicapped. Outdoor farms are often also small plots but have a high yield and high quality most of the time. New soil fertilization methods have increased yeilds spectacularly, beyond belief. The organic catalysts and humic acids are combined with inorganic nutrients to form foliar nutrients, (tested for over three decades). Organic soil conditioners contain exact ratios of humic complexes, beneficial microbes, soil penetrants, vitamins, enzymes, hormones and bio-stimulants that create a rich living soil with all nutrients and micronutrients and rich with living rhysosphere organisms provides superior uptake of all chemicals more effeciently for amazing vegatative growth and then spectacular fruiting/ripening. While these materials are expensive, the cost is not prohibitive for this valuable crop.


The results of most Medical Marijuana farming projects have been incredibly effective in helping patients achieve a much higher quality and quantity of life and activities, many have overcome major disabilities or have been cured in the sense of not dying for 5 years or more, ie. Cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS, and many more. No other treatments have given such relief, happiness and hope to millions of people. The results prove that once this is allowed on a more open and free basis, the entire Medical and Agricultural situation can be turned around a few years. These research breakthroughs have not only grown better Cannabis for patients but also shown how to grow better crops of all sorts.


We found that every single patient improved with Medical Marijuana across a broad spectrum of diseases, from Cancer, HIV/ADIS, MS, Brain, Mental, Nervous System, Cardio-Vascular, Muscle-Skeletal, Immune System, Skin, Eyes, Liver & Kidney, Gastro-Intestinal, to Tuberculosis, Bacteria & Viruses, even Pregnancy & Childbirth. All this without a single overdose death or adverse interaction, a safety record unmatched in Medicine or even Nutritional and Herbal Medicine. But, with the legal oppression still the main obstacle, the genocidal spiral downward of Mankind will accelerate, everything from soil erosion, fertility, nutrition, medicine to happiness, freedom and prosperity will be destroyed, as there is no alternative to the richest crop known to mankind. The vitamin and nutrient richness is unmatched, along with huge yields, advanced through 10,000 years of careful selection means that it's truely symbiotic.
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